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Jonice De Villiers... Simple facts... Paris and all things French... What can I say... I truly LOVE... boots, like every other woman they drive me CRAZY... a Cap-of-Chino always reminds me to slow down... OH and Sushi how it brings me comfort.

Let’s not forget we ALL have our dislikes... without exception mine is unmanicured extensions.

Attention to detail could very well be my last name; however that does not deter me from adding colour to life. I am well versed in fashion and I simply love working with people. I pride myself in keeping my clients end vision in mind and the ultimate reward is having the ability to execute my talent.

The creative process of transforming your inner god or goddess is my passion, and together with my air brush techniques you will bring a new meaning to elegance and style. I thrive on bringing out your inner beauty so it would be my absolute pleasure to help rejuvenate you!

By now you know that my pet hate is non-manicured extensions, which of course means that I have extensive experience on how extensions should be treated and what they should look like.

I am available to assist you, not only with questions on treatment but also with product information…So for any occasion please feel free to contact me for your hair extension needs.

It would be my joy and pleasure to work with you so please feel free to contact me.

Jonice De Villiers!

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